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Elvis Presley Live

Elvis' Stunning Performance

Picture of Elvis' Stunning Performance

Kind Of Sad, But A MUST Watch For Any Elvis Fan

In June of 1977, Elvis hit the road and he was in terrible condition.  Elvis was only 42 at the time, but after so many years of prescription drug abuse and extremely bad dietary habits, he was left extremely bloated, angry and close to death.  His body was such a mess and he had hypertension, an enlarged intestine, painful bowel issues and an enlarged heart.   He wasn’t really sleeping and should have been under the care of a physician but everyone still loved Elvis and the large draw meant the money was too good to turn down.

It had been more than a year since Elvis last released an album, and Colonel Tom Parker (his manager) wanted to get a new release into the stores. In spite of Elvis' terrible health, Parker orchestrated a camera team to film the June 19th show in Omaha for an arranged TV special and live album. 

Eventually, CBS aired the special two months after Elvis passed.  Obviously this isn't the picture of Elvis that Graceland wants his loyal fans to remember, so for the most part, this special was shelved.

On June 21, 2 days later, the tour hit Rapid City, South Dakota.  Elvis looked weak and out of it until he sat down at the piano close to the end of the show to perform an unforgettable version of "Unchained Melody."  Charlie Hodge (guitarist) held the microphone for Elvis and he emptied his heart into the melody. His body was going to pieces, however his voice remained as intense as ever. 

It was the last great moment of Elvis’ career. The tour continued for five more shows and eventually wrapped up on June 26th at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. Elvis passed away less than two months later.  Please enjoy this unbeliveable performance! 


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