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The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Picture of The Four Seasons

Four Seasons Group


The Four Seasons is a pop and rock band from the United States who were universally enjoyed during the 1960s. The Beatles were big, but according to the Vocal Group Hall of fame, this group was even bigger. They have likewise been referred to on occasion as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons since the 1970’s. In 1960, the Four Seasons sprouted from the Four Lovers. It all started with Frankie Valli as the main vocalist; and his other band members were, Nick Massi on bass and vocals, Tommy Devito on guitar and vocals and Bob Gaudio on backup vocals.

The technical name of the group is the “Four Seasons Partnership,” which was originally started by Gaudio and Valli. Even though the rest of the Four Seasons has shifted around over the years, Gaudio and Valli have always been the main two members of the band. The only one still touring is Valli. The Four Seasons (1960–1966) have been inducted into a couple of different prestigious organizations for their talent and work. They are one of the most famous groups out there, with over 100 million copies of their albums sold.

Frankie Valli's first hit was a song called "My Mother's Eyes" in 1953. The accompanying year, Valli, along with Tommy Devito put together a group that they called the Variatones, which, in the early 1950’s, performed and recorded under a few different names before deciding to use the name of The Four Lovers. That year, the quartet discharged their first record, which was called "You're the Apple of My Eye", which showed up on the Billboard’s most popular list, the Hot 100, with its best week at number 62. Other singles were released, but none hit the Hot 100 for several years.

In the mid 1950’s, the band continued to move forward, playing in clubs and parlors as the Four Lovers and putting out music on varying record labels with 18 different "stage names" that they used. In 1958, the bass player, Nick Devito, was replaced by Charles Calello. In late 1959, Hank Majewski was replaced with Gaudio as the keyboard player. Early in 1960, Callelo was replaced by Nick Massi, but Calello continued to help behind the scenes with recording and arranging.

In 1959, the band began working with music guru Bob Crewe, principally with session work. That same year, the Royal Teens took the Four Lovers on tour with them, specifically to a gig in Baltimore. At that point, the Royal Teens were well known for "Short Shorts", which Gaudio had actually written while he was still a member of the Royal Teens a few years earlier.

In 1960, the struggles that the group dealt with did not change when they bombed a tryout for a parlor at a bowling alley in New Jersey. Even though there had been several years of disappointment for the Four Lovers, this turned out to be the defining moment for the group. The band was put together with an agreement between Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli, and the Four Seasons Partnership had begun.

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