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The Beach Boys

Artist Info - The Beach Boys

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Artist Biographies: The Beach Boys Story

The band most responsible for the surfing music famous in the 1960’s was The Beach Boys. This group formed by a group of friends in Hawthorne, California in 1961 never really knew that they were about to make rock history. Initially the membership of The Beach Boys was comprised of brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine. The Wilson brothers father, Murry, initially worked as the groups manager.  Brian Wilson was the moving creative force behind The Beach Boys and has been given writing credits for the majority of the hits the band produced in the early days. They signed a contract with record company Capital Records in 1962 and began producing songs that changed the musical landscape of America forever. The Beach Boys had a slew of top 40 hits that include "Surfin' Safari", "Surfin' USA", "Surfer Girl", "Little Deuce Coupe", "Be True to Your School", "In My Room", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "I Get Around", "Dance Dance Dance", "Help Me Rhonda" and "California Girls".  The international appeal of these songs and the albums they were a part of were undeniable, and The Beach Boys became one of the most important and famous acts of their era.  They sang songs about the Southern California lifestyle which included surfing, cars and girls.  Brian Wilson continued to evolve as a musician and song writer and the album Pet Sounds was produced in 1966 and featured complex, multi-layered and intricate sounds that contained the hit "Good Vibrations". This is considered by many one of the best songs ever written.

Unfortunately, Brian Wilson experienced some mental health and substance abuse issues, which caused him to lose control of the band's musical direction. The follow up album to Pet Sounds was cancelled and Smile never got released.  The Beach Boys continued to release music at a steady pace from 1967–1973, but could never seem to recapture the magic success that they had experienced in the mid 1960’s.  There was a rivalry that developed between the Beatles and The Beach Boys, either real or perceived in both commercial and critical success.  The Beach Boys members have been involved in a lot of legal fighting since the 1980’s over royalties, the use of the band’s name and songwriting credits. Dennis and Carl Wilson died in 1983 and 1998 respectively, leaving the remaining members to form a number of different versions of the band. This has been the case since the 1996 release of the recording, Stars and Stripes Vol. 1.  This animosity continued between members until late in 2011 when the remaining living members held a full-scale reunion, including Brian Wilson. This news was greeted with enthusiasm by the fans of The Beach Boys. They released That's Why God Made the Radio, their twenty-ninth studio album on June 5, 2012.

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