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Elton John

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Artist Biographies: Elton John


Elton John is the stage name for the man born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, on March 25, 1947. John is an English recording artist, piano player and singer and song writer of pop and rock music. He has recently become a social activist with his pet project being the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The Elton John story is an inspiring story, featuring his critically acclaimed career spanning more than four decades with lots of awards to his name, both in music and for personal accomplishments.


Elton John began writing songs in 1967 with Bernie Taupin. With him and on his own, John has recorded over 30 albums, with many of them reaching the top of the music charts in multiple nations. His all-time best selling song was Candle in the Wind, which was released in 1997 after he re-worded his original song to fit the death of Princess Diana. That song has sold over 33 million copies to date and is the most popular selling song ever, according to Billboard Magazine.


John has dueted with many other famous names and proven he is an entertainer worth watching on stage. His tours around the world sell out quickly and they reach record setting numbers each time, no matter where he goes. Elton John’s songs have reached the charts many times, and his list of hits includes 50 top 40 hits, with 7 consecutively reaching number 1.


In 1994, Elton John was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1998, the Queen of England declared him a knight for his “services to music and charitable services”. John was also recognized for his contributions to music by Rolling Stone magazine, when they named him on the list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” in 2004. John continues to write music for albums, Broadway productions and movie scores.


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