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Artist Biographies: The Fleetwood Mac Story


In 1967 the British-American Band, Fleetwood Mac was created in London.


The Fleetwood Mac story is a truly inspiring tale of how each member brought about their own special talent to create one of the most famous bands in history. Fleetwood Mac began with Peter Green. He was the creator of the band and decided to name it after two of the names of the former band mates (Fleetwood and McVie). Interesting enough Mick Fleetwood, the drummer, is the only current band member, which was part of the original lineup. Bassist John McVie did not play on the first album. He also did not appear at any of the first concerts. McVie did make other contributions including his wife, Christine McVie, who played keyboards for the band starting in 1970. Christine played as not just a studio musician. She also played at all of the concerts. It was not until the last two albums that she did not participate. Her artwork is featured on the cover of the album Kiln House.


Fleetwood Mac enjoyed a few major booms. One came along with the British Blues Boom in the late 1960s. Peter Green’s influence on lead guitar helped to create the song “Albatross”, which reached the number one spot on the UK charts. There was also a more pop-oriented boom for the Fleetwood Mac, which occurred from 1975 to 1987. The new orientation of Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham replacing other band members allowed the band to enjoy their best performing album to date. The second album with the new members, Rumours, featured four singles, which reached the top ten on the U.S. charts. Among the singles on the album was the iconic “Dreams”, by Stevie Nicks, which rose to number one (the bands only number one hit single). The album itself rode the charts in the number one slot on the American charts for 31 weeks. The album was also featured as a number one spot in lists for various other countries as well as selling over 40 million copies around the world and being the eighth best-selling album to date.


Moderate success for Fleetwood Mac was enjoyed between 1971 and 1974, while Bob Welch was a member of the band. In the 1990s before Buckingham and Nicks rejoined the band. There were a lot of personal changes for Fleetwood Mac. The biggest change occurred recently when Christine McVie decided to part ways with the band.


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