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Tony Bennett

Artists - Tony Bennett

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Tony Bennett was born as Anthony Dominick Benedetto on august 3, 1926. Tony Bennett is best known for his career as a singer. He has recorded songs sung in the style of jazz, show tunes, standards and popular music. Along with being a famous singer, he has also shown his diversity by creating works of art which are painted under Benedetto. Several institutions are currently displaying his work. He is also credited with starting the Frank Sinatra School of the arts in New York City.


Bennett was raised in New York City where he started singing form an early age. Tony Bennett is also known for doing his duty in the European theatre during the last stages of world war II. He fought in the U.S. Army as an infantryman. Columbia Records signed Bennett when he created his signature singing style. In 1951, he recorded what was to be his first popular song to reach number one. This was “Because of You.” “Rags to Riches” and several other songs followed as hits throughout the 1950’s. “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” recorded in 1962, became Bennett’s signature song for all time. Unfortunately, as rock music gained more popularity, his music started to fade form popularity.


Tony Bennett: 1980s-1990s

The 1980’s and 1990’s marked a huge comeback for Tony Bennett, as he started making gold records again. Even with the MTV generation in full swing, he did not have to compromise on his musical style in order to enjoy his popularity. The singer even has been able to enjoy popular musical performances on stage and in the studio in recent history. Awards which have been enjoyed by Bennett include 17 Grammy Awards. In 2001, he was even awarded with the lifetime achievement award by the Grammys. He has won two Emmy Awards. He has been named as an NEA jazz master and an honoree by the Kennedy Center. Worldwide sales of his music have exceeded 50 million records. The jazz singing style of the Tony Bennett songs still is popular with music lovers everywhere. It is expected that he will remain popular for years to come with his unique singing style.



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