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Grammy Award Winner Adele

Picture of Grammy Award Winner Adele


British singer songwriter Adele won two Grammy Awards in 2009. Her Grammy for Best New Artist was awarded to her for her album 19. This album introduced her unique, rich voice to audiences everywhere. The album is full of songs which Adele soulfully expresses her emotional journey of her first bittersweet adult relationship.


Predictions of Adele’s success were exceeded with her amazing chart topping success and the massive sales of 19 and its singles. -- "Chasing Pavements," "Hometown Glory," "Cold Shoulder," and her version of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" . Adele quickly began to perform sold out performances.


Adele: 21


Adele’s new cd 21 was released with much anticipation. In this offering the singer explores other deep emotional experiences she has had endured as she has come of age. The songs offered here are beautifully written and delivered with the powerful force of her soulful voice. These songs celebrate the moving dynamics of love and heartache through a variety of musical moods.


Adele released the first single off of 21, “Rollin in the Deep”, has been described as being a dark and blues gospel song perfectly fussed with a disco tune. The song which was co-written by Adele and producer Paul Epworth, includes other well-crafted songs. The passionate song “Rumor Has It”, the orchestral backed “Turning Tables” and the imagery filled song “Set Fore to the Rain” have been crafted to allow Adele to express the full depth of her voice and talent. Even the song “Some like You” which was co-written with Grammy winning producer Damn Wilson helps to make this album a powerful and unforgettable.


In one year Adele wrote and co-wrote all the songs on 21, except the acoustic cover of The Cure’s “Love Song”. Adele collaborated with Paul Epworh to write “Rolling in the Deep”, “He Won’t Go”, and “I’ll Be Waiting”. Ryan Tedder co-wrote “Rumor Has It” and “Turning Tables”. “Set Fiore to the Rain” was Co-written by Fraser T. Smith and Francis White co-wrote "One and Only”.  The bulk of 21 were cut in a Malibu studio with Kensal Rise and Rick Ruben, who is famous for his work with the Beastie Boys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Kensal Rose and Paul Epworth were the producers who were involved with the remainder of the album when it was cut in a London studio.


Adel has expressed her enjoyment and thrill for working with well-known producers and song writers in the creation of 21. She has sighted Rick Rubin for his brilliant ability to assemble the right band to work with her on the album. The band that Rick assembled was said by Adele to have been a timeless collection of talented professional who are fully invested in the creation of the music itself.  The colaboration of singer and band were also ideal in the sense that they were more concentrated on creating something new as opposed to matching current trends. The band gave Adele the ability to opportunity to create such a rich and resonating album so early in her career.


The real appeal of Adele's album 21, is that it is sop intimate it allows for listeners to get to know the real Adele. Her personal emotional journey is one which several people can relate to. The singer has been quoted as saying, "I think I come across moody and serious with my music," Adele says, "but, in real life, I'm sarcastic and very cheeky. I really wanted at least one song on this album that was representative of me as a girl, as a person. I don't think the playful me came across on the first album. It's important to show growth and development."


The real life relationships which Adele has drawn so much inspiration from, was in her words, a blessing. Adele says she feels lucky to have gone through such a harsh relationship since it has allowed her to live in a more realistic world. Adele feels as if several other artists live in a protective bubble where they are never allowed to truly experience life.  Adele said, “. I'm just screaming for my bubble to be burst. I met him and he was brilliant, it was a really great relationship and it went sour, obviously, because I made a bitchy record about him (laughs). He made me really passionate for myself, for him, for love, for life, for food, for wine, for film, for politics, architecture, traveling which I hate--I hate flying and stuff like that. He made me really interested in just being alive, which I hadn't felt yet. It was incredible.” Adele has also says she fears that without the relationship her songwriting would have been about nothing more than boring and uninspired subject matter.


21 is about the turbulent and unpredictable road love can go down. It is also about finding peace after experiencing pain. Adele has said that her work on the album has made her more of a forgiving and understanding person.


During the run of her American tour dates, Adele was preparing for 21. The bus driver for the turn introduced Adele to a wide variety of American music. The driver played country, blues, bluegrass, gospel and rockabilly songs while she was on the bus. Adele is said to have been most inspired by the music of Wanda Jackson which the driver had provided for her. Adele has said that she included echoes of her music on songs such as “Rolling In The Deep” and “Rumor Has It.”


Adele & the Country Music Influence



Since country music is more of a niche interest in England, Adele began to research the history of American country music. She delved in past the more mainstream offerings and in to more esoteric songs and songwriters in this genre of music for more inspiration. All of this inspiration has just made her already rich talents to have even more depth and complexity. Many attribute this to being the reason as to why her music has such a new and inventive sound to it.

This investment into learning about different styles of music led Adele to listen to music in a whole new way. She became so inspired by these new discoveries that she spent a month solid deeply researching music. "I locked myself in my flat and just listened to music for the first time. Etta James and stuff like that. . I became obsessed with hip-hop, rappers and MCs and lyrical poets...manipulate words and make them rhyme or make a really mundane thing seem like the most incredibly exciting euphoric thing, you know what I mean?"


The experience Adele has had between 19 and 21 is the same as others during this crucial time as people enter into young adulthood. The world is fortunate that Adele possesses the grace and ability to transform these events and feelings into songs which offer a transcendent voice to them.  "To me," Adele says, "music is all about relating. I would never dare write a song about success or anything to do with my career, because it doesn't happen to many people. What I love about music is when I'm totally convinced that someone has written a song about me even if it was written 80 years before I was born. I would love it if someone felt that about one of my songs and I love it when people go 'I thought you were inside my heart or inside my head, you know exactly what I'm feeling.'"


With the superior songwriting and signing talents Adele has shown the world there is little doubt she has much more to offer. Fans are waiting with great anticipation fort what this talented young woman will give to the world next. People are in love wither talent, her ability to connect to them and the lovely young woman herself. She is sure not to fade from the spotlight anytime soon.








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